Ann Eubank: Flag flap

Confederate flag waving

There is no explaining what causes men’s passion to ignite. But much to my surprise, I find that the thing that has electrified many of the people of Alabama is a “Flag;” a simple square piece of cloth that represents an era long gone, a piece of history that cannot be rewritten.


Unfortunately, this is about erasing America’s past, and we have again been sidetracked by a media diversion. It is a ruse to occupy the right hand of the citizens while the left hand is taking away our freedoms. In the past few years much has been done to rewrite American history, making it fit their agenda and destroy our “Present” and “Future.”

Governor Bentley’s knee jerk reaction and removal of the “Flag” and kowtowing to the left wing agenda, defines his lack of courage. This is who Governor Robert Bentley is. He announced he “has taxes to raise” on every Alabamian, has not spoken out about Speaker Mike Hubbard, being allowed to keep his leadership office after he was indicted for criminal corruption, and of course, gave Dr. Bice a 25% raise and continues to allow Common Core to be taught in our schools.

All of these issues are about CONTROL and the stripping of Liberties from the Individual. They will never be able pass enough laws to end offending someone.

They have removed God and Christianity from our schools, workplace, and the public square. The President granted illegal aliens the rights of a citizen, the Supreme Court overruled the states, and a majority of the people, to grant special status and marriage rights to same sex couples. They rewrote the law to save Obamacare again. All is about control and the “Fundamental Transformation of America.” Congress has allowed the federal government to control your freedom of religion, personal politics, healthcare, property, gun rights, and freedom of speech; A Congress that was elected to represent YOU.

So why has this “Flag Flap” enraged the hearts of Southerners and become an important event? They will tell you “it represents the loss of States Rights.” “It’s the death of the 10th Amendment.” “They want to destroy our history and take away our heritage.” Good and valid points that I agree with as a descendent of those who fought in both the American Revolution and the War of Northern Aggression, as well as died at the Alamo. I have always revered being born a Southerner, and yes, the “Flag” is part of that heritage. I believe the Northern Virginia Battle Flag, commonly known as the “Battle Flag,” should be allowed to fly and not be completely eradicated from our history. It is a First Amendment Right.

Now that you have been awakened over the “Flag Flap,” we need to get more engaged against the things that are destroying America now? The “Present” and “Future” of America are the reasons we should be marching in the streets.

Ann Eubank is the statewide co-chair of Rainy Day Patriots, and the legislative chair of the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs. Ann is a frequent visitor of the Statehouse and has bridged the gap between strong advocate and respected resource for members. She is also a member of the Alabamians United for Excellence in Education Taskforce and several other Stop Common Core groups.


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