Paul DeMarco: Expect to see 2024 presidential candidates visit Alabama soon

Image source: Parsons, Lee & Juliano, P.C.

This past year was one of the more competitive election cycles in recent Alabama history. 

Between the United States Senate, Governor, and Legislative seats, the Republican party primaries in Alabama were as expensive as we have ever seen. 

We still have the general elections in the fall but count on the GOP to win every one of those races. The Grand Old Party will maintain its hold on every statewide office in the state and enjoy super majorities in both chambers of the Alabama Legislature. Enthusiasm for conservative candidates is strong, and disdain for Democrats in Washington DC is high in Alabama. 

Thus proving Alabama to be one of the most Republican states in the Nation. 

Do not be surprised if you start to see candidates seeking the Republican nomination to challenge President Joe Biden in 2024 start making the rounds in the state soon. As soon as the mid-term elections are over, the race to seek the White House will start the next day. Candidates for the Nation’s highest office will soon announce their intentions. In addition to former President Donald Trump, there will be a strong group of top Republicans looking to challenge the Democratic ticket and take back the executive branch. 

Alabama has moved its elections up in the primary season, thus making it a more attractive visit to those who want to be the next president. All of the candidates spent time in Alabama in 2016, when the party nominations were wide open. Expect to see that happen again in 2024 and in the years leading up to the party primaries in our state. 

Count on Alabama being an important part of the equation during the next presidential election cycle in 2024. 

Paul DeMarco is a former member of the Alabama House of Representatives and can be found on Twitter at @Paul_DeMarco.