Gary Palmer, Barry Moore, and Mike Rogers support the Commitment to America

American flag sunlight

Following the rollout of the House Republicans’ Commitment to America, Congressmen Gary Palmer, Barry Moore, and Mike Rogers issued statements supportive of the new GOP Congressional platform.

“Two years of total Democrat control in Washington, D.C. has left American families with the highest level of inflation in 40 years, children falling behind in schools, soaring energy costs, and an open southern border,” Palmer said in a press release. “Nearly 70% of Americans believe we are headed in the wrong direction, and the Democrats have no plan to address their concerns. However, my Republican colleagues and I have a plan. Our Commitment to America provides a framework for people to see how we intend to govern. It is backed by policies that build a strong economy, secure our nation, build a future based on freedom, and hold government accountable. House Republicans are ready to earn the support of the American people, and our Commitment shows we are focused on addressing issues important to them. I encourage everyone to read our Commitment to America for themselves and see the policies proposed to enact it.”

“Record-high inflation, skyrocketing crime, & open borders – it’s clear that Democrat rule is wreaking havoc on our nation,” Rogers stated on Twitter. “American families deserve a strong economy, a safe & free nation, and government that’s accountable. That’s our commitment to you.”

Rep. Moore said on Facebook, “We are facing 40-year high inflation, 12 cities with record high murder rates, a 60% gas price increase and over 2 million illegal border crossings this year. That’s why I’m joining my colleagues and committing to getting America back on the right track.”

Republicans are hopeful that voters will give them control of one or both Houses of Congress. The Commitment to America is the platform that House Republicans are hoping will propel them into control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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