Gov. Robert Bentley creates state health care task force

Gov Robert Bentley speaking
Robert Bentley

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has a new task force aimed at making health care in Alabama more accessible and more affordable.

This past Monday, Bentley signed an executive order creating the Alabama Health Care Improvement Task Force.

The 38-member panel includes physicians, nurses, dentists, mental health professionals, insurance companies and hospitals.

State Health Officer Don Williamson will lead the task force.

The team will look at a number of ideas for improving health care infrastructure in rural and urban areas alike. Possibilities include expanding telemedicine and scope of practice for health care workers.

The governor says he is asking everyone on the panel to “leave their turf at the door.”

Bentley says he hopes to have some ideas ready for 2016 legislative session.

The first meeting is Wednesday.

Republished with permission of the Associated Press.