Tommy Tuberville says he will continue pro-life stance even in face of Republican criticism

Tommy Tuberville on the Senate floor

On Thursday, several GOP moderate Senators went to the Senate floor to chastise U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) for his blocking of military promotions over the Pentagon’s abortion policy. Tuberville defended his stance.

“I want to start by thanking my colleagues for their service in the Armed Forces of the greatest country ever,” Tuberville said. “There is no institution in this world I honor more than the United States military. I am thankful to every veteran in this country. I also want to note that I respect my colleagues’ strong pro-life voting record. The Republican party has been the pro-life party for half a century. We ought to be proud that we stand for life. We stand for the most vulnerable of our society, the unborn. I know my colleagues here share that conviction. The disagreement we’re having today is about tactics.”

“So let me explain why I’m doing this – how we got here and where we go from here. Nine months ago, the Pentagon announced that they would start using our taxpayer dollars to facilitate abortion,” Tuberville continued. “Let me say that one more time. Nine months ago, the Pentagon announced by memo that they would start using our taxpayer dollars to facilitate abortion. The Pentagon is now paying for travel and extra time off for service members and their dependents to get abortions. Congress never voted for this. We also never appropriated the money for this. There is no law that allows them to do this. In fact, there is a law that says they can’t do this. One more time – there is a law that says they can’t do this – created in this room. It’s 10 USC section 1093. It says the only time the Pentagon can spend taxpayer dollars on abortion is in cases of rape, incest, and threat to the health of the mom.”

“So, this is a policy that is illegal and immoral,” Tuberville concluded. “This is about life. And it’s also about the rule of law. It’s about our Constitution. It’s about whether we make laws at the Pentagon or whether we follow the Constitution. This is also about the integrity of our military. The only thing in this world I honor more than our military is the Constitution. We all swore to uphold the Constitution. I also feel very strongly about the obligation to uphold it every day in this room. I cannot simply sit idly by while the Biden Administration injects politics in our military, again, injects politics in our military from the White House, and spends taxpayers’ dollars on abortion.”

“The only power that a senator in the minority has is to put a hold on a nomination,” said Tuberville. “The only thing. I’m not the first person to do this. Holds on nominations happen all the time. Holds on military nominations have happened many, many, many, many times before. Typically, they don’t last this long because the administration will work with a senator until the issue is resolved. But that has not happened this time—zero negotiation. Abortion is the most important thing to the Democrats that they have, and they won’t negotiate it. One more time, abortion is the most important thing that Democrats have, and they will not negotiate. This has been going on for nine months. Every day this continues is a day that Democrats think abortion is more important than the nominations in our military.”

Tommy Tuberville has represented Alabama in the United States Senate since 2020.

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