Evidence of First Lady Dianne Bentley’s significant contributions have vanished

Dianne Bentley

When Alabama Today launched we highlighted First Lady Dianne Bentley as a Woman of Influence in the state. After all, the first lady’s work on domestic violence has changed the state for the better permanently.

When her divorce from Governor Robert Bentley was first reported Alabama Today reached out to the governor’s office to ask what, if anything, Dianne Bentley would continue doing in her official capacity after the divorce was final. We never received a response to our inquiry, but today noticed the first lady’s official webpage, Twitter and Facebook accounts have all been deleted.

I’m calling on the Governor’s office to rethink this rash decision. While Dianne may no longer be the first lady, the much-needed attention she brought to key issues, such as domestic violence prevention and recovery, education and literacy as she visited classrooms across the Yellowhammer state, are of value and are certainly worth remembering.

Alabama Today suggests giving her back her Facebook and Twitter accounts and taking “First Lady” out of the title if that’s the issue at hand. In the very least, we suggest you reinstate her official webpage and post a farewell letter thanking her for her year’s of dedicated service to the state.

There has to be a better way to proceed during this difficult time rather than to simply press delete and attempt to erase her from Alabama’s history books. That’s just disrespectful.

Come on Governor Bentley, we know you can do better. The first lady worked hard for the state and her legacy will continue beyond the time you’re in office. You can’t and shouldn’t try to whitewash that with a few clicks of a mouse.



Dianne Bentley
First Lady Dianne Bentley’s biography and website has been removed from Governor Bentley’s website.

New site missing the “First Lady” tab:

Note third tab is no longer "First Lady"
Note third tab is no longer “First Lady”
First Lady Dianne Bentley missing Facebook page
Dianne Bentley’s now deleted Facebook page.
First Lady Dianne Bentley's missing Twitter page
Dianne Bentley’s now deleted Twitter page


  1. I’m sure he’s got someone else lined up to fill the role. I just doubt we will be able to use the lady part of the title.

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