Ben Carson rap ad prompts parody highlighting racism


A comedy writer for the Huffington Post put out a parody of Ben Carson‘s rap ad, “Freedom.” The spoof is called “Panderdom” and makes fun of the racist nature in which the original ad targets African-American voters where they live in the highest concentrations.

Most sane Americans thought the ad released last week to encourage voters in African-American saturated markets like Detroit, Atlanta and Memphis to support Ben Carson was laughable at best.

It features a supposedly up and coming rap artist, Aspiring Mogul, chanting “vote, inspire, revive” over and over with some of Carson’s less crazy soundbites mixed in.

“I’m very hopeful that I’m not the only one who’s willing to pick up the baton of freedom because freedom is not free and we must fight for it everyday,” the rap video quoted Carson. Just be careful he doesn’t pick up that freedom baton and try to bash your brains in with it like a hammer.

Carson’s voice, often described in a positive light as being calm and collected, sounds more like the guy from King Missile singing about a detachable … well, for the sake of being politically correct here let’s just say, important part of the male anatomy.

But that silliness doesn’t even begin to address the underlying problem with this “rap ad.” Aaron Nemo, a comedy writer over at the Huffington Post put up a spoof rap that’s far more appropriate of Carson’s message.

The spoof begins with the same chant, but adds the word, “pander.” That’s appropriate since the parody is entitled “Panderdom” instead of the original name, “Freedom.”

“Hi, I’m Ben Carson’s campaign manager. I want to reach African-American voters. I know one thing, it’s if you’re black you’ll like Ben Carson if we put him in a rap. This ad will air on urban radio stations that have high black populations. Is this offensive and highly condescending, well,” the voice trails off.

It then goes on to quote Carson comparing Obamacare to slavery.

“That’s an interesting opinion,” the rap continues condescendingly.

The spoof ad points out that voting is important, but words that rhyme aren’t so much.

“This hip hop campaign won’t likely be playing up in Portland, Maine so come on y’all, you voted for Obama, Ben Carson’s black too and that’s all they have in common.”

The rap goes on to quote Carson saying he thinks the Great Pyramids were built to store grain. (Seriously can’t get past this one without laughing.)

“Oh right, let’s pretend he didn’t say that,” the ad raps.

The original video concluded with Ben Carson’s voice proclaiming he “approved this message.” The spoof ends with his voice beginning that sentence but instead ends up saying, “I’m Ben Carson and I … tried to stab him in the abdomen.”

The spoof video only touches on the craziness that has become Ben Carson. Just about everything he’s said has been debunked as an all out lie – even his personal claims of violent tendencies as a troubled youngster.

Why would a presidential candidate want people to think he tried to stab a guy? This Republican rat race began with all things Donald Trump hilarity. It turns out Ben Carson is actually the crazy one.

Who knew?


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