ISIS-themed coloring book sent to Vestavia home


A company called Really Big Coloring Books is rankling some Alabamians with some unusual, unsolicited mail: a manila envelope with a coloring book called “ISIS: A Culture of Evil” inside.

Henna Budhwani, a Muslim public health researcher in Vestavia, was one of thousands of unknowing recipients of the new Islamic terrorism-themed coloring book.

At first Budhwani suspected an ethnically-tinged gesture in her direction, she told WBHM 90.3 FM in Birmingham.

“I felt genuinely targeted,” Budhwani said Tuesday. “I thought that someone had pulled my name from a database and said you’re a Muslim living in Alabama, and we want you out.”

Really Big Coloring Books published Wayne Bell, however, said she received the book because she worked on an earlier, more mainstream production published by the firm. Bell said he intends no offense towards Muslims or Islam, only to members of ISIS and related groups groups.

“This is a pro-Islam book. There’s no doubt about it,” said Bell, who billed the book as “Truthful – Factual – Indifferent to Political Correctness.”

Bell says he has plans to publish further coloring books in the series, with names like “We Shall Never Forget 9/11″ and “The True Faces of Evil Global Terrorism.”

Bell and his publishing company have published books on a wide variety of children’s topics, though he says the ISIS publication is meant for adults, presumably adults who never lost their taste for coloring books.


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