Auditor Jim Zeigler: Setting a high bar in a do nothing job

State Auditor Jim Zeigler

In one of the most comedic exchanges I’ve ever seen on the campaign trail, State Auditor candidates Jim Zeigler and Dale Peterson got into a spirited discussion about the point and authority of the auditors office.

I was moderating a primary debate and when it came time for the auditor candidates my first question was what does the auditor do followed by do we need one.  Dale Peterson said they don’t do anything and we didn’t need one and Zeigler chimed in that if it does nothing and we don’t need it then Peterson would make a great auditor.

Fast forward to election day and Jim Zeigler wins the primary and later the general election.

In a job where expectations are low, or nonexistent, Jim Zeigler is making the most out of his office.  He started by turning down most of the perks of the job including a car, his insurance, state issued cell phone and laptop.

He’s turned the lights off at the Capitol (photo from his Facebook) and is fighting  the state DOT on a lane expansion in Eufala.  He already called for an audit of his own office and has his eye on
trimming down costs. Who can’t get behind this?

If every elected official came at their job like Zeigler has then I have no doubt we’d be in a better place a year from now.  Here’s to hoping for more from him and more like him.