Marco Rubio super PAC releases first TV ad


Conservative Solutions PAC, the pro-Marco Rubio Super PAC which has not previously aired any television ads to date, is releasing its first television ad of the campaign in the early voting states beginning today. The ad is called, “Marco.”

“He took on the Republican establishment, and won,” a narrator says as images of the Florida Senator dominate. “The insiders were shocked, but not the people, because they heard his clear conservative message: less government, more freedom, a foreign policy based on strength.”

Conservative Solutions PAC is linked with a pro-Rubio Super PAC with a similar name, Conservatives Solutions Project, that has aired ads in Iowa and New Hampshire featuring Rubio criticizing the Iran nuclear deal. However, Conservative Solutions Project is officially not a Super PAC, but a tax-exempt social welfare group. However, two organizations, Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 have asked the Justice Dept. to launch an investigation, claiming that the group is supporting Rubio.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Conservative Solutions PAC aired its last ad on November 22, and has no plans to air more ads this year.


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