Report: Marlon Bateman joins Marco Rubio campaign


Marlon Bateman, a booker for Hugh Hewitt, has joined Marco Rubio’s campaign press team,  POLITICO has reported.

Bateman, a Marine combat veteran, is expected to join the campaign next week, according to POLITICO.

Hewitt told POLITICO that Bateman had been with the show for more than three years, and said Bateman “is the best young man.”

Hewitt’s nationally syndicated show is heard in 120 cities across the United States. In recent months, Hewitt has participated in the GOP debates, asking questions of candidates during the CNN debate this fall.

Hewitt told POLITICO that Jacob Browatzke will take over for Bateman in the role of associate producer. Politico reported that Bateman’s role with the Rubio campaign may include booking Rubio and campaign surrogates on the radio.


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