Here’s what single women are looking for in presidential candidate

2016 Presidential Candidates

All eyes were on Iowa Monday as the nation’s first political contest of the year garnered national attention with both Republicans and Democrats battling to win the state’s caucuses. Now the campaigns shift their attention to the next battleground states — New Hampshire and South Carolina — where political consultants and staffers are hard at work trying to turn out key voting demographics.

One of those is single women.

Which begs the question, what exactly is motivating single women to head to the polls in 2016?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, reproductive health and equal pay that top the list.

Elle magazine_single women election statsAccording to a new web survey featured in the March issue of Elle magazine, conducted in partnership with the organization American Women80 percent of single women would throw their support to a candidate who valued equal pay for equal work, and tax credits and subsidies for child care. Eight in 10 women added, that they’re “much or somewhat more likely” to support a candidate who allows them to “maintain full control over their reproductive health.”

“The data revealed what we knew all along,” Kate Black, executive director of American Women told “Women hold political figures, especially presidential candidates, at a higher regard and expect them to hold the highest standards of civility and respect. With presidential primaries approaching in the next few weeks, this data is a worthwhile reminder to all presidential candidates of the influence [that]single women have in deciding elections.”

According to the survey, nine out of 10 women they are “almost certain” they’ll show up to vote this year.

See more of the findings included in the survey on Elle’s site.


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