State Senate approves bill prohibiting additional fees, hurdles for gun buyers


The Alabama Senate Thursday approved a bill from Sen. Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City), SB135, which will prohibit local governments from applying additional fees and “regulatory hurdles” to gun permits and purchases. Such tactics are often used to make purchasing a weapon or obtaining a permit more difficult.

In his explanation of the bill, Williams noted that other cities have required prospective gun owners to submit essays, pay additional fees or possess a high school diploma. Williams specifically noted Seattle, which passed a $25 per gun tax and a 2- to 5-cent tax on every round of ammunition.

“My legislation is designed to protect Alabama’s citizens from rogue action at the county and municipal level to push a liberal, anti-gun agenda by imposing local fees and obstacles,” Williams said in a news release.

The legislation now moves to the House of Representatives, where it will likely be taken up next week.

Senators also passed a slew of Sunshine Law bills today and confirmed a number of people to positions throughout the state, including Cliff Walker to the Pardons and Parole Board, Frank Ellis and Charles Price to the State Ethics Commission and several people to the Jacksonville State Univeristy and University of North Alabama Boards of Trustees.

The Senate will reconvene Tuesday at 2 p.m.


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