Luther Strange says his office will investigate ”potential wrongdoing” at ALEA

AL AG Luther Strange

Revelations surfaced this week that an internal probe at the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency uncovered financial inconsistencies and a possible misuse of state money. Shortly after the news broke of the possible indiscretions, ALEA Secretary Spencer Collier was terminated and a war of words ensued between him and Gov. Robert Bentley.

Consequently, Attorney General Luther Strange released a statement about his office’s role:

“In light of the accusations of potential wrongdoing that have been made over the last two days, and the numerous inquiries that my office has received, I would like to assure the public that the Attorney General’s Office takes very seriously any allegations involving potential criminal misconduct. My office has a strong record of probing illegal activity in this state and we will continue to do our job.”

Strange added that, because of his office’s “longstanding policy regarding pending criminal investigations,” no further information would be released at this time.


  1. Yeah right!! He’s going to carefully investigate what his liability is and which cart he should hook his horse up to that has the most chance of making it out of this alive with his job intact. uh huh…..waiting to see WHAT your investigation comes up with sir!!!

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