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Daniel Sutter: The complicated case of ignition switches

Does government make better decisions than business? A first trial from the General Motors ignition switch recall begins this week in New York, and...

Daniel Sutter: Making good decisions about risk

Can Americans make good decisions about risks to life and limb? Many policy experts don’t think so. Although there are challenges, I think that...

Daniel Sutter: New Year’s reflections from “A Christmas Story”

We typically reflect at year’s end on the many events, good and bad, over the past 12 months. I hope that 2015 brought more good...

Daniel Sutter: On Christmas and economic stimulus

Christmas generates significant economic activity. The American Research Group estimated that Americans would spend an average of $880 on gifts this season, which implies...

Daniel Sutter: Economic freedom in Alabama: no advance or retreat

The Fraser Institute this week released the 2015 edition of the Economic Freedom of North America, and Alabama’s economic freedom score remained unchanged. Like...

Daniel Sutter: The U.S. hurricane drought

Last weekend marked ten years since Hurricane Wilma struck Florida as a Category 3 storm on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane intensity scale. Wilma was the...

Daniel Sutter: Water worries

Decades of political management of our nation’s water resources are exacerbating the impacts of California’s ongoing drought. Government control of water has imposed an...

Daniel Sutter: Will public universities privatize?

Many government services have been privatized over the past forty years, from whole enterprises like British Airways to simply contracting with private businesses for...

Daniel Sutter: R.I.P. Export-Import Bank, if we’re lucky

The authorization of the U.S. Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank expired on June 30. Taxpayers can thus celebrate the demise of one of our most offensive corporate...

Daniel Sutter: I prefer studying tornadoes at a distance

I have conducted research on tornadoes for fifteen years. As an economist, I do not study the storms themselves, but rather the impacts of...



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