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Dan Sutter: The great truck driver shortage

The Alabama legislature lowered the minimum age for a truck driver’s (CDL) license to 18 for within-state transport (the minimum age remains...

Daniel Sutter: Which Alabama City is Freest?

Economic freedom is the freedom to engage in commerce and use our property as we see fit.  Over the past twenty-five years,...

Daniel Sutter: Taxes, roads, and limited government

The Alabama legislature kicked off its new term with a special session to increase the gas tax, a result which seemed foreordained....

Daniel Sutter: Two paths forward for healthcare

Numerous prominent Democrats now support Medicare for All, the most recent proposal for a single-payer healthcare system. A recent Trump Administration report, Reforming America’s...

Daniel Sutter: The house that survived the hurricane

Last October, Hurricane Michael slammed the Florida panhandle with 155 mile per hour (mph) winds. Mexico Beach was largely destroyed, except for one exceptional,...

Daniel Sutter: Gold, inflation and theft

President Donald Trump is reportedly considering former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and one-time presidential candidate Herman Cain for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Mr....

Daniel Sutter: Is anything an accident?

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has suggested charging Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) with murder in connection with last November’s Camp Fire. The deadliest...

Daniel Sutter: Heading for a fiscal cliff?

Is the Federal government spending us into financial ruin? The current numbers and budget projections suggest so. Yet I think that the scary numbers...

Daniel Sutter: World War I versus progress

Veterans Day 2018 marks one hundred years since the end of World War I. Veterans Day was Armistice Day until America learned that we...

Daniel Sutter: Fake news and the market for ideas

Traditional social media have been criticized recently for purveying fake news. California may form a commission to investigate stemming fake news, while Congressional hearings...



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