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Roy Moore rankles critics with order halting same-sex marriage licenses

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has come under fire from marriage equality groups in the wake of his recent judicial order requiring state probate judges...

Son of chief justice pleads not guilty to charges

The son of Alabama's chief justice has pleaded not guilty to drug charges. Court documents show Caleb Moore pleaded not guilty on Dec. 21 to...

Ala. Chief Justice Roy Moore says court system being treated unfairly

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore this week urged more funding for the state's court system, saying court employees have been treated unfairly by those...

Chief Justice Roy Moore faces ethics complaint over same-sex marriage

The Southern Poverty Law Center has accused Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore of violating judicial ethics with his public criticisms of the U.S. Supreme...

Roy Moore to fundamentalists: America ‘under attack’

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore told a fundamentalist Christian group this weekend that "America is under attack," and he praised the assembled activists from...

Alabama Supreme Court expands juvenile sex abuse rules

A decision by the Alabama Supreme Court could make it easier to prosecute child-sex cases. The court on Friday overturned a lower court's ruling that...

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore says Christians will be ‘persecuted’ after...

The U.S Supreme Court, in ruling that gays and lesbians have a right to marry nationwide, handed a decisive loss to Alabama Chief Justice...

Terry Lathan elected Alabama GOP chairwoman

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama Republicans have elected Terry Lathan of Mobile as chairwoman of the state party. Lathan is a former schoolteacher who has...



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