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Women of Influence: Alabama State Bar President Augusta Dowd

Born and raised in Birmingham, Ala. Augusta Dowd has spent much of her life and career in the Magic City. She attended college at Sewanee:...

Jeff Sessions slams judges for thwarting Donald Trump policies

The nation's chief law enforcement officer on Thursday blasted federal judges who have thwarted or criticized Trump administration policies, accusing them of trying to...

Darryl Paulson: On Neil Gorsuch; both parties should just grow up!

Until 1987, presidential nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court were respectfully received and reviewed by the U.S. Senate. In 1986, Antonin Scalia, a judicial...

Immigrant’s bid to avoid deportation comes to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is taking up the case of a longtime U.S. resident who is facing deportation to South Korea after pleading guilty to...

Former colleagues, judges to testify for Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch

Lawyers, advocacy groups and former colleagues get their say on President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee after Judge Neil Gorsuch emerged unscathed from two...

Women represented proportionally well in Alabama Judiciary

While women have made strides in their representation in elected office in recent decades, the gender is still proportionately under-represented, particularly in Alabama, where...
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