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Darryl Paulson: Amnesty Don

Amnesty Don. That’s what Steve Bannon and Breitbart News called President Donald Trump after news came out that the president and the Democratic leadership...

Mo Brooks introduces legislation to reform TPS immigration program

Congressman Mo Brooks this week introduced a bill that would tighten-up an oft "abused" immigration program that lends itself to de facto amnesty. Established in 1990 as...

Ted Cruz-Marco Rubio feud flares in Iowa closer

As if hearing Marco Rubio’s footsteps creeping up on him, Ted Cruz directed much of his final advertising against the Florida senator in the...

Ted Cruz clarifies immigration stance in renewed Southern offensive

Ted Cruz, facing increased scrutiny as he rises in national polls, is taking to the campaign trail this week with a renewed effort to...

Mo Brooks secures commitment from Paul Ryan: No amnesty bills

Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-01) has formally agreed to a letter committing to members of the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) he won’t bring amnesty or immigration-reform legislation to the...
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