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Voting bill showdown looms as GOP rejects Manchin plan

The Senate is set for a key vote Tuesday on a sweeping rewrite of voting and election law, setting up a dramatic...

Tommy Tuberville joins other leaders to change sexual assault investigations in...

U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville has joined a bipartisan group of senators to support a bill that will change the way the military...

Democrats launch Senate battle for expanded voting rights

Democrats renewed their efforts Wednesday to muscle through the largest overhaul of U.S. elections in a generation, setting up a fight with...

More GOP lawmakers enlist in Donald Trump’s effort to undo Joe...

A growing number of Republican lawmakers are joining President Donald Trump’s extraordinary effort to overturn the election, pledging to reject the results...

GOP-led Senate panel advances Barrett as Democrats boycott

 Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans powered past a Democratic boycott Thursday to advance Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate, keeping President...

Democrats claim ‘big tent’ for first convention in pandemic

The extraordinary ideological range of Biden's many messengers on the opening night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention was perhaps best demonstrated by former presidential contenders from opposing parties.

Leading in pandemic becomes part of audition for Joe Biden’s VP

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic has become an unexpected part of the audition.

Coronavirus makes it harder for campaigns to ask for money

What used to be a routine request for political cash could now come across as tone-deaf or tacky.

Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden; Jesse Jackson backs Bernie Sanders

Biden and Sanders have been consolidating their support since Super Tuesday.

Bernie Sanders struggles to expand supporter base after Elizabeth Warren exit

Elizabeth Warren declined to endorse anyone when she suspended her campaign for President.



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