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Innovate Alabama forms Council on Outdoor Recreation

Alabama residents and visitors have long recognized and enjoyed the state’s natural resources, and a new group of leaders wants to leverage...

Craig Ford wins Gadsden Mayoral race

Gadsden voters went to the polls on Tuesday and voted to elect former State Rep. Craig Ford (D-Gadsden) to be their new Mayor. Ford...

Seven State Senate seat races to watch

All 35 State Senate seats are up for grabs in the November 8 general election. Republicans hold a 27 to 8 margin...

Mack Butler in favor of the lottery

Former State Rep. Mack Butler (R-Rainbow City) is making a return to the Alabama House of Representatives after a four-year absence. Butler posted recently...

Mo Brooks applauds passage of occupational licensing reform bills, encourages Kay...

Rep. Mo Brooks has encouraged Gov. Kay Ivey to sign a series of bills passed by the Alabama legislature aimed at easing...

Alabama legislators file bills that seek to end grocery tax

A pair of Alabama legislators have introduced bills in their respective chambers that would eliminate the state’s sales tax on groceries.

Steve Flowers: State Senate will have little turnover in 2022

2022 was anticipated to be an exciting competitive election year. However, it is going to be a yawn of a political year....

Steve Flowers: Outstanding class of freshman state senators

Outstanding Class of Freshman State Senators The 2021 Regular Legislative Session begins next week.  Over the years, I have...



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