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32 Powerful and Influential Alabamians to know

It's true, the words "powerful and influential" can be vague and subjective. However, it's fair to say among the universally accepted definitions...

Inside the Statehouse: Labor Day

"The most legendary political Labor Day Barbeques have been held in the Northwest corner of the state."

Inside the Statehouse: Methodists have Dominated High Offices in Alabama History

Alabama's leading columnists discusses the respective faiths of our state's leaders.

Steve Flowers: Looking back at epic 1986 governor’s race

Since this is a gubernatorial election year, allow me to share an epic Governor’s Race with you. The 1986 Governor’s race will be remembered as...

Court upholds former Alabama House speaker Mike Hubbard’s ethics convictions

An appellate court on Monday upheld the ethics conviction of former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard, whose rising political career came to a crashing...

Steve Flowers: The circus of open Alabama races in 2018

As I have suggested to you, we are looking at one momentous 2018 election year, and it has begun. Get this, folks, we have...

Steve Flowers: Requiem for Alabama political icons lost in 2016

At the close of every year, my tradition is to acknowledge the passing away of significant political players from the political stage in Alabama....

Former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard sentenced to 4 years in...

Former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard has been handed his sentence — a total of four years in prison, eight years on probation and...

Mike Hubbard trial day 6: Gov. Robert Bentley takes the stand

Easily the most high-profile witness to date testified Wednesday morning in the trial of indicted Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley took...

Mike Hubbard’s former chief of staff takes stand

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard's former chief of staff testified Wednesday that he became uncomfortable at times when Hubbard's personal business dealings appeared to...



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