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Joe Henderson: Predicting Donald Trump in final debate is risky business

Game-changer? Or victory lap? That’s two potential outcomes for tonight’s third and final presidential debate. The first one applies to Donald Trump fails. If he fails to...

Billy Bush lawyer: Bush risked firing if he rebuked Donald Trump

An attorney for Billy Bush is defending the TV personality's part in a lewd 2005 exchange with Donald Trump. Marshall Grossman told The Hollywood Reporter...

Martin Dyckman: Cowards who stand aside

“Once to every man and nation “Comes the moment to decide “In the strife of truth with falsehood “For the Good or Evil side ..... “Then it is the...

Hillary Clinton says video of Donald Trump is “horrific”

Hillary Clinton is responding to a video of rival Donald Trump making lewd comments about women in 2005. The Democratic presidential candidate said on Twitter,...
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