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New PPP national survey has Donald Trump up by 10 points

Donald Trump may or may not have already peaked in the Republican presidential contest, but no other candidate gets close to him in yet...

Conservatives to 2016 GOP field: Defy us at your own peril

The Republican Party's conservative wing, pumped up by House Speaker John Boehner's stepping down, is warning the 2016 presidential candidates that defying its wishes...

‘Lean and mean’ campaigns enable GOP candidates to endure

As Scott Walker gave up on his 2016 presidential race this week, he implored other Republicans in the crowded field to follow his lead...

Hillary Clinton vows to defend Obamacare against GOP opposition

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday hailed President Barack Obama's health care law for reducing the rate of uninsured Americans and vowed to defend it...

Planned Parenthood sues Alabama over end to Medicaid funds

Planned Parenthood has filed a federal lawsuit over Gov. Robert Bentley's effort to cut off Medicaid payments to the organization's Alabama clinics. Planned Parenthood Southeast...

GOP hopeful Scott Walker offers health plan with tax credits

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker's plan for replacing President Barack Obama's health care law would extend refundable tax credits to help pay for private...

Martin Dyckman: Winner-take-all winner could be Trump

Our next president may well owe the office to arrogant billionaires or be one himself. Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that fewer than...

Key takeaways from the GOP’s second-stage White House debate

Before the first Republican debate of the 2016 campaign for president, there was the undercard: a match-up of seven GOP candidates who didn’t have...

GOP debate lineup: Trump and Bush in, Fiorina and Perry out

Ten candidates have made the cut for the first Republican presidential debate Thursday, with polling front-runner Donald Trump hoping for a civil evening but...

Debate stage drama: GOP awaits top 10 announcement

They crowded the stage in New Hampshire for a debate-style faceoff. But the jam-packed Republican field will be narrowed considerably for the first formal debate...



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