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Steve Bannon’s stand against Luther Strange front page news

Look no further than the homepage of Breitbart to see Steve Bannon's first public fight against the moderates and liberal factions in the White...

Why won’t Donald Trump condemn white nationalism?

Why doesn’t President Donald Trump just unequivocally condemn white supremacists? It’s a jarring question to ask about an American president. But it’s also one made...

Florence Snyder: Let them eat steak, Part 2 – Rick Scott...

While Melissa McCarthy-impersonator Sean Spicer was confiscating his staff 's cellphones in search of leakers to fire, somebody tipped Independent Review Journal's Benny Johnson...

Donald Trump makes first ad buys in battleground states, including Florida

With his new leadership team promising a sharper message, Donald Trump on Thursday moved to invest nearly $5 million in battleground state advertising. The investment...

Donald Trump shakes up campaign staff again

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has slipped in the polls in recent weeks, has shaken up his campaign again. The billionaire real estate mogul...

Donald Trump campaign: manager “absolutely innocent” of assaulting reporter

The Donald Trump campaign issued a swift response to the criminal charges which came down on campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Monday, saying he is "absolutely innocent" of...



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