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Alabama cable providers seek investment of $13M in rural broadband expansion

Alabama cable providers plan to invest more than $13 million to bring broadband telecommunications services to rural Alabama citizens who do not...

Seven communities awarded Broadband Accessibility Fund Grants by Kay Ivey

Governor Kay Ivey announced in a statement on Tuesday that seven communities were awarded the first Broadband Accessibility Fund Grants totaling $1.1 million. She...

OPS broadband may soon move beyond the Gig City of Opelika

When Opelika, Ala. found its residents at a economic and educational disadvantage not having full-access to high speed internet and cable, the city tried...

Johnny Kampis: Could scandal derail Robert Bentley’s Alabama broadband plans?

The scene has been repeated ad nauseam over the past two weeks: Gov. Robert Bentley makes a scheduled stop to discuss a new industry...

Alabama business roundup: Headlines from across the state

Can you guess how many AL counties have more registered voters than adult residents? Find out more about a possible new electricity-natural gas utility...

FCC provides funding for expanded broadband in Alabama

An Arkansas-based company is getting more than $500,000 annually in federal funds to expand high-speed internet service in rural Alabama. The Federal Communications Commission says...



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