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Alabama to use $12 million in relief funds to recruit nurses

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey on Friday reallocated $12.3 million of the state’s coronavirus relief funds to hire travel nurses to help state...

Kay Ivey awards $2.6 million in CARES Act funds to six...

Governor Kay Ivey announced she has awarded $2.6 million to six Alabama counties to help them overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Etowah, Lee,...

Kay Ivey awards COVID-19 recovery grants to four Alabama cities

Governor Kay Ivey today awarded a total of $4.5 million to help four of Alabama’s most populous cities recover from the COVID-19...

Kay Ivey distributes CARES Act funds to Alabama Feeding Initiative

With time running out to spend the nearly $1 billion left in funding for the CARES Act, Gov. Kay Ivey has set...

Martha Roby: Back to School

Students of all ages from kindergarten to college are starting back to school, whether with in-person instruction or virtual learning. Every school...

Del Marsh: New statehouse with COVID cash should be discussed

Marsh said the Statehouse construction idea isn’t a priority but could be discussed if funds are left over.

Bradley Byrne: In coronavirus fight, Alabama has benefited from federal action

Congressman Byrne outlines the CARE Act's economic benefits for Alabama.

More than $54M in CARES Act grants going to Alabama airports

Airports across the Yellowhammer State are slated to receive a combined total of $54,047,529 in federal grant funding as part of the Coronavirus Aid,...



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