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Martha Roby: Latest information and resources on coronavirus disease outbreak

Martha Roby shares an overview of resources available and best practices for dealing with the coronavirus and avoiding its spread.

Bradley Byrne: Combatting coronavirus misinformation

Congressman Byrne discusses misinformation concerning the coronavirus and proper ways to prevent its spread.

Martha Roby: Preventative actions to take during flu season

Congresswoman Martha Roby discusses the risks of the coronavirus outbreak and the benefits of flu prevention.

US health chief says opioid overdose deaths beginning to level off

The number of U.S. drug overdose deaths has begun to level off after years of relentless increases driven by the opioid epidemic, health secretary...

Bradley Byrne: SUPPORT in times of crisis

One of the things we pride ourselves on as Alabamians is taking care of each other. Not only should this mean we take care...

Bradley Byrne: Fighting the opioid epidemic

For too long, a problem of epic proportion has been growing outside of the headlines in the United States: the opioid epidemic. The reality...

Auburn University research team discovers Zika-transmitting mosquito species in Alabama

Auburn University researchers have discovered the presence of Aedes aegypti — the primary mosquito that transmits Zika virus, yellow fever and other flaviviruses — in Alabama. After a 26-year...

U.S. clings to health coverage gains despite political drama

Americans kept up their health insurance last year despite President Donald Trump’s all-out push to dismantle the Obama-era coverage expansion. That’s the counter-intuitive conclusion...

Pharma Kaleo donates opioid overdose-reversing drugs to Alabama

 A major pharmaceutical company previously criticized for inflating prices donated 1,744 doses of an overdose-reversing drug to Alabama’s volunteer rescue squads to combat the...

Auburn pharmacy researcher recommends antivirals as key defense this flu season

By: Matt Crouch | Auburn University's Harrison School of Pharmacy The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the flu is "widespread" across the United...



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