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Alabama schools to finish year through distance learning

Kay Ivey, who had closed schools through April 5, said it became clear that schools cannot reopen yet.

Judge dismisses Alabama Democratic Party lawsuit

The Alabama Democratic Party for months has been tangled in an internal feud over the leadership

Lawmakers say they have questions on plan to lease prisons

Republican legislative leaders said they are not objecting to the proposal at this time.

Judge Greg Griffin delays decision on suit over Alabama democratic chair

A lawsuit filed by the longtime chair of the Alabama Democratic Party challenging a newly elected leader can continue, at least for...

Judge Greg Griffin schedules hearing in democratic party dispute

The legal fight over who is in control of the Alabama Democratic Party is dragging onward. Montgomery Circuit Judge Greg Griffin has scheduled...

Judge Greg Griffin won’t recuse in Alabama Democratic Party dispute

An judge on Thursday refused to step aside in a lawsuit over who is in control of the Alabama Democratic Party as...

Alabama Democratic Party dispute heads to court

A dispute over control of the Alabama Democratic Party is headed to court. Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley and others filed a...

Representative Chris England running for chair of Democratic Party

State Rep. Chris England of Tuscaloosa said Monday that he is running for chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party. The Tuscaloosa legislator has...

Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh considers outlawing leaving pets in...

After several reports of animal cruelty rattling the state last week — including a Trussville, Ala. woman whose dog died after being left in...

Millennial Alabama lawmakers launch bipartisan Future Caucus

Millennials officially became the America's largest living generation last year, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. As more of them get involved in...



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