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New $500 million coal mine in Alabama will create 350 jobs

The project was green lighted after receiving $26 million in tax abatements.

Trump administration ready to ease rules on coal-fired power plants

The Trump administration is set to roll back the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s efforts to slow global warming. It’s expected to propose regulations that...

Donald Trump tweets about Alabama coal mine he helped save

After idling his company in 2014, during the Obama era, an Alabama coal miner is back in business thanks to the Trump administration. Veteran coal...

Alabama’s new coal miners head underground sparking economic impact

A new investment in Alabama's coal mines is impacting industries, communities and individuals across the state. The global demand for Alabama’s high-quality metallurgical (met) coal,...

Trump administration considers plan to bail out struggling coal, nuclear plants

The Trump administration is considering a plan to order operators of the nation’s power grid to buy electricity from struggling coal and nuclear plants...

Coal CEO expected Donald Trump help, but administration said no

The Trump administration has rejected a coal industry push to win a rarely used emergency order protecting coal-fired power plants, a decision contrary to...

Advocates oppose EPA’s delay of coal plant pollution limits

 Environmental advocates urged the Trump administration on Monday to reverse course on its move to set aside an Obama-era measure limiting water pollution from...

Despite Donald Trump, cleaner energy growth expected to carry on

President Donald Trump may abandon U.S. pledges to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming, but that step seems unlikely to stall the...

Congress scraps Barack Obama rules on coal mining, guns

The Republican-controlled Congress on Thursday scrapped Obama-era rules on the environment and guns, counting on a new ally in the White House to help...

Another safe year in coal mining with record low 9 deaths

The nation's coal mines are nearing a record low mark for on-the-job deaths for the third year in a row and have a chance...



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