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Congress pushes ahead on Donald Trump impeachment with nation split

The House is plunging into a landmark impeachment week, with Democrats who once hoped to sway Republicans now facing the prospect of...

Former Alabama congressman Jack Edwards dies at 91

Former U.S. Rep. Jack Edwards of Alabama, who served 10 terms in Congress and was in the first wave of Deep South...

Bradley Byrne: August recess roundup

It is a very old tradition for Congress to recess during the hot and humid month of August. Years ago, Congress had...

High-capacity magazines get new scrutiny as congress returns

Lawmakers around the country are making a renewed push to ban high-capacity magazines that gunmen have used in many recent massacres, allowing...

Donald Trump says he’ll work with congress to stop mass shootings

President Donald Trump expressed a commitment Sunday, hours after the latest deadly mass shooting, to work with a divided Congress to "stop...

Phil Williams: Less outrage, more leadership

Time and again over the past few years, we have witnessed a disturbing trend among liberals, namely that if you don’t agree...

Bipartisan ‘red flag’ gun laws plan has support in congress

Despite frequent mass shootings, Congress has proved to be unable to pass substantial gun violence legislation, largely because of resistance from Republicans. But...

Congress’ fight over election security bills explained by AP

While House Democrats are haggling over whether to consider impeachment of President Donald Trump, Senate Democrats are focusing on a different angle...

Martha Roby: How my offices can help you

As your representative in Congress, I have the privilege of offering numerous services and resources to the people who live and work...

Freshmen house democrats raise more money than gop opponents

The Republican pathway for recapturing House control in next year's election charges straight through the districts of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents,...



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