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Dan Sutter: Why is inflation costly?

Inflation exceeded 5 percent in June.  Double-digit inflation burdened Americans in the 1970s.  Although we treat inflation as bad, economists find its...

Dan Sutter: The cost of stopping global warming

In 2018 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change set a new goal to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.  The costs...

Dan Sutter: The NCAA cartel is collapsing

The unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision in NCAA v. Alston portends change for college sports.  This case involves education-related benefits and is...

Dan Sutter: Discovery, COVID, and Policy

In early April, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) changed its guidance on surface transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  After more than...

Dan Sutter: Is this the start of government-guaranteed income?

The Federal government has issued three rounds of COVID “stimulus” checks and boosted unemployment benefits, first by $600 and now $300 per...

Dan Sutter: Can we afford this spending?

Washington borrowed $4 trillion in 2021, and national debt as a percentage of GDP is higher than at the end of World...

Dan Sutter: Reforming occupational licensing

Occupational licensing involves government-imposed requirements for practitioners in different professions or what critics call government permission slips to work.  Despite a lack...

Dan Sutter: The freedom to use fossil fuels

The Biden Administration seems intent on renewing the war against fossil fuels to combat global warming.  Before going down this path, I...

Dan Sutter: The hero treatment?

West Coast cities have passed “Hero Pay” ordinances, increasing grocery store workers’ pay by up to $5 per hour. Numerous stores have...

Dan Sutter: In case of emergency

Governments have taken numerous extraordinary actions to contain COVID-19. Once the pandemic is over, we can and should revisit the emergency powers...



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