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Legislature approves Kay Ivey plan for $1.8 billion COVID relief cash

Legislative leaders will get advance notice of large expenditures but have no power to stop it.

Ivey administration inches forward on plan to lease prisons

Ivey’s office said they are now in a “confidential proposal evaluation period.”

Marsh’s office: COVID-19 money won’t be used for Statehouse

Spending $200 million for a new Statehouse was on a wish list.

Del Marsh: New statehouse with COVID cash should be discussed

Marsh said the Statehouse construction idea isn’t a priority but could be discussed if funds are left over.

No votes on virus liability, health officer power bills

Lawmakers agreed to limit the abbreviated legislative session to state budgets, local bills and a school bond issue.

Lawmakers return for shortened session

Only 60 members of the 105-member House answered roll.

Del Marsh seeks COVID-19 money for broadband

Marsh said that he hoped to put $800 million from an estimated $1.7 billion in federal relief dollars for broadband access.

Dozens of VA home virus cases; State loses abortion appeal

Appellate judges ruled Alabama, at least for now, cannot limit abortions during the virus outbreak.

Lawmakers break session; Group urges state to resume paroles

Lawmakers met briefly in Montgomery in order to approve the break until April 28.

Kay Ivey kicks off 2020 Census

Governor Kay Ivey kicked off the 2020 census today with Alabama Counts! Chairman Kenneth Boswell, Senate Pro Tempore Del Marsh, House Speaker Mac...



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