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Mary Anne Rippey: Lawmakers close to passing bill to release violent...

During each Legislative Session, about 1,000 bills are introduced. Some get a lot of attention, while others pass with little fanfare but with the...

Corrections officers miss shifts at crowded Alabama prison

Some corrections officers are not showing up for work at a crowded south Alabama prison that has been beset by multiple incidents of violence. Department...

Senate approves $800 million prison construction bill

In the wake of impeachment chatter and a gubernatorial override, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley had a welcome win Tuesday night when the Alabama Senate approved...

Robert Bentley reacts to prison reform bill’s Senate progress

Gov. Robert Bentley and the GOP-led Legislature in Montgomery haven't been known for getting along - some expect this year's Legislative Session to possibly hit another...

Alabama business roundup: Headlines from across state – 2/10/16 edition

Who's paying $17k to OSHA after a worker accident? What household name is accelerating store closings across the state? How much do inmates cost the...

Daniel Sutter: How to overcrowd prisons

Alabama’s prisons house 24,000 inmates, but were designed to hold 13,000. The legislature’s 2015 sentencing reforms should reduce this overcrowding some, but a federal...

Lawmakers begin budget work ahead of Legislative Session

Alabama lawmakers are beginning budget hearings as they face another grim fiscal outlook and the possibility of additional general fund cuts. Lawmakers will question state...



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