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Policy changes help drive U.S. migrant crossings to new highs

  Paying a smuggler, Edgar Mejia could afford to take only one child with him to the United States. He chose his 3-year-old...

Lynda Blanchard raises over $300,000 in first six weeks of campaign

U.S. Senate candidate Lynda Blanchard announced that her initial filing with the Federal Elections Commission shows she has raised more than $300,000...

Donald Trump endorses Mo Brooks among Alabama GOP Senate contenders

 Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Rep. Mo Brooks in Alabama’s 2022 Senate race, siding with the conservative firebrand who riled up...

Aron Solomon: The Supreme Court and the Donald Trump Twitter blocks

On Monday morning, in Biden v. Knight First Amendment Institute (the Trump Twitter blocks case), the Supreme Court vacated and remanded, with...

After new law, Mitch McConnell warns CEOs: ‘Stay out of politics’

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says it’s a “big lie” to call the new voting law in Georgia racist, and he warned big business...

Many still hesitate to get vaccine, but reluctance is easing

So few people came for COVID-19 vaccinations in one county in North Carolina that hospitals there now allow anyone 16 or older...

Joe Biden’s ‘Jobs Cabinet’ to sell infrastructure

President Joe Biden set about convincing America it needs his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan on Thursday, deputizing a five-member “jobs Cabinet” to...

FBI arrests Alabama garage owner in Capitol insurrection

An Alabama garage owner was arrested on charges of entering the U.S. Capitol during the riot by supporters of former President Donald...

Joe Biden wants infrastructure package approved over summer

President Joe Biden is aiming for summer passage of an infrastructure plan that is expected to cost more than $3 trillion, and...

Joe Biden vows action on migrants as he defends border policy

The U.S. will take steps to more quickly move hundreds of migrant children and teens out of cramped detention facilities along the...



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