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Donald Trump team eyes school funds boost in next virus aid...

Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos want schools up and running in fall.

Senate, House runoffs included on today’s runoff ballot

The nation focuses its attention on Alabama today.

Seeking comeback, Jeff Sessions faces Tommy Tuberville in Alabama race

Sessions hopes his long relationship with state Republicans will carry him through.

Daniel Chism: In support of reelecting Jeff Sessions – A comprehensive...

Daniel Chism thoroughly examines the candidacies of Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville.

Senate, House runoffs included on Alabama runoff ballot

There are important runoffs for Senate, Congress, State School Board and Court of Criminal Appeals.

Jeff Sessions vies for Senate comeback in race shadowed by Donald...

The president weighed in again Saturday on Twitter, calling Tuberville “a winner who will never let you down.”

Jeff Sessions fires back, calls Donald Trump’s insults ‘juvenile’ ahead of...

Just days ahead of the Alabama runoff election, President Donald Trump's former Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired back against the president's latest insults...

Personnel Update: U.S. Attorney Jay Town stepping down

Town was appointed U.S. Attorney by President Donald Trump on June 12, 2017.

Watchdog details storm of political pressure in Sharpiegate

The impact of Trump's chastising of the National Weather Service in Birmingham is deep and far reaching.

Bradley Byrne: Our common defense

Republicans backed an amendment to require the service secretaries responsible for those bases to review the use of those names going forward but did not want to dictate to them what their decision should be.



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