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House Republicans to offer 2 separate bills on immigration

House Republicans are considering next steps on two immigration bills after GOP leaders persuaded moderate Republicans to drop their renegade effort to force votes...

Donald Trump: No immigration deal unless ‘real wall,’ good security

President Donald Trump said he opposes any immigration legislation that doesn’t include “a real wall” along the Mexican border and “very strong border security.” Moderate...

Paul Ryan vents frustration over GOP infighting over immigration

A frustrated Speaker Paul Ryan chided House Republicans for election-season infighting over immigration that sank the party’s farm bill last week, participants in a...

Last-gasp try for immigration deal fell to partisan disputes

An effort to protect young Dreamer immigrants from deportation never really had much chance of squeezing into the last bill Congress must pass this...

Poll: Most don’t want young immigrants deported

Just 1 in 5 Americans want to deport young immigrants brought to the United States as children and now here illegally, the focus of...

Nancy Pelosi: Put off immigration overhaul, save ‘Dreamers now’

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says she respects young immigrants who shouted her down at an event in San Francisco, but says their call...

President Donald Trump says he’s torn over young immigrants

President Donald Trump spoke in unusually personal terms as he answered a question at a White House press conference about hundreds of thousands of...

Donald Trump mulling fate of young immigrants protected by Barack Obama

Missing from President Donald Trump's blitz of immigration orders was any mention of the fate of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants protected from...

Donald Trump’s new tone on immigrant kids divides GOP

Donald Trump's promise to "work something out" for immigrants brought here illegally as kids is dividing fellow Republicans, underscoring how difficult it will be...

Dreamers who signed up for deportation protection now feel exposed

Hundreds of thousands of young immigrants living in the country illegally willingly came out of the shadows and identified themselves to the Obama administration...



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