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Donald Trump: US may rethink decision to exit surveillance treaty

Trump's announcement comes as the U.S. begins new nuclear arms control talks with the Kremlin.

Iowa swung fiercely to Donald Trump. Will it swing back...

Few states have changed politically with the head-snapping speed of Iowa. Heading into 2020, the question is whether it's going to change...

Martha Roby: We will always stand by our American heroes

Each year on Veterans Day, Americans pause to recognize those who have served our country in uniform. Originally known as Armistice Day,...

Darryl Paulson: In defense of politics

Some readers may be incapable of getting beyond the title of this article. How in the world can anyone defend politicians and politics? It's...

Donald Trump embraces legacy of Andrew Jackson

It was an ugly, highly personal presidential election. An unvarnished celebrity outsider who pledged to represent the forgotten laborer took on an intellectual member of...

Beat the press: Donald Trump’s contempt for media is calculated

Donald Trump's favorite nickname for the news media is the "dishonest press." He swaps in "disgusting press" from time to time. And sometimes, he puts...

Tom Jackson: With Donald Trump, GOP faces expensive overhaul

Surveying the conundrum confronting the Republican Party in the age of Donald Trump, an antique TV ad touting Fram oil filters comes to mind. If...

Donald Trump pulls punches at Florida GOP’s Sunshine Summit

Coming off perhaps his most controversial speech yet in his run for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump delivered a relatively tame address in Orlando...



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