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Daniel Sutter: Politics and the economics of the Carbon Tax

A carbon tax involves some good economics and is probably the best way to address global warming. And yet I think that adopting the...

Kay Ivey signs ethics exemption into law

Praising it as a job recruitment tool, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed legislation to exempt economic developers from the state ethics law. Ivey’s office...

Daniel Sutter: One reason why economics is challenging

Nineteenth Century poet Christina Rossetti asked, “Who has seen the wind?” Neither you nor I have, but we know that the wind can blow...

Daniel Sutter: Independence, imagination and economics

We rightfully celebrate Independence Day. America’s founding generation demonstrated courage in fighting for independence against the greatest superpower of the time, and wisdom in...

Daniel Sutter: Selling hope to students

America’s first sports-only university opened last fall, and has already closed. The case illustrates a challenging dilemma for higher education generally. Forest Trail Sports University,...

Daniel Sutter: Cheating in sports and international trade

Competition is important in economics and sports. Our knowledge about one of these arenas often helps illuminate the other. An important difference exists between...

Daniel Sutter: The economics of Christmas presents

Economists often fail to get holiday party invites for serving up so much humbug during the year. One example of economic reasoning which never...

Daniel Sutter: Some unpleasant voting math

Election Day is our opportunity to possibly tell our elected representatives, “You’re Fired!” Election season brings lots of get-out-the-vote messages, but I will consider...

Daniel Sutter: Football practice facilities and the cost of health care

The University of Houston will break ground soon on an indoor football practice facility, which hardly seems like a story of economic interest. It...

Birmingham residents rank among nation’s savviest investors

When it comes to making investments, Birmingham residents are among the nation's most savvy. That’s according to New York City financial technology company, SmartAsset and its...



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