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In Iowa, anxiety and unpredictability cloud caucus finish

The Democratic race is unusually large and jumbled heading into Monday’s caucus.

Democrats focus on unity as tensions from 2016 linger

Democrats are trying to avoid the divides that some say helped Donald Trump win the presidency in 2016.

Aiming at Donald Trump, Joe Biden says a president’s character matters

In his final Iowa tour this week, Biden has opted to embrace the GOP offensive.

Misinformation pledge gains a supporter in presidential race

Biden signed a pledge last year that he would not use doctored images and videos or fabricated information during the campaign.

Amid impeachment and Iowa, 2020 top tier jilts New Hampshire

If Iowa doesn't produce a clear winner, New Hampshire's importance will only amplify.

GOP defends Donald Trump as John Bolton book adds pressure for...

The revelation that Bolton authored a book on the topic clouded White House hopes for a swift end to the impeachment trial.

Organization becomes critical in final week before Iowa vote

Some candidates have as many as 150 staffers on the ground.

Defense resumes in key impeachment week; Dems seek witnesses

After a two-hour opening argument Saturday, Trump's defense team will lay out its case in depth beginning Monday.

Campaign crunch time forces progressives to eye private jets

Private planes present unique issues for Warren and Sanders.

Democratic candidates pour into Iowa for last-minute push

Some of the candidates have Senate obligations for the impeachment trial and have had to use surrogates.



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