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Bernie Sanders isn’t dropping out, but where does he go from...

The Vermont senator on Wednesday offered no further details on what his campaign may look like before or after he and Biden spar Sunday night on stage in Arizona.

Stakes rise for Bernie Sanders heading into Michigan primary

Michigan and five other states hold presidential contests on Tuesday at a critical point in the Democratic race.

Bernie Sanders faces attacks in Democrats’ debate-stage clash

Bernie Sanders faced the brunt of attacks during the debate.

Worried Democrats rush to slow front-runner Bernie Sanders

A new political group was spending big to undermine Sanders' standing with African American voters.

Donald Trump restores some Cuba penalties, rejecting ‘oppressors’

President Donald Trump declared Friday he was restoring some travel and economic restrictions on Cuba that were lifted as part of the Obama administration’s...

Year’s top news filled with division — and no middle ground

Fed up with Europe's union across borders? Reject it. Disgusted with the U.S. political establishment? Can it. The news in 2016 was filled with battles...

New Year’s poll: Americans hopeful for a better 2017

Emotionally wrenching politics, foreign conflicts and shootings at home took a toll on Americans in 2016, but they are entering 2017 on an optimistic...

U.S. election voted top news story of 2016

The turbulent U.S. election, featuring Donald Trump's unexpected victory over Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, was the overwhelming pick for the top news...

Two US officials to attend Fidel Castro’s funeral in Cuba

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says a high-ranking presidential adviser and the top diplomat to Cuba will represent the United States at Fidel Castro's...

Donald Trump aides say Cuban government will have to change

The Cuban government must move toward enacting greater freedoms for its people and giving Americans something in return if it wants to keep warmer...



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