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Five things you need to know about Kay Ivey

The primaries are over, and the real battle begins. Incumbent Governor Kay Ivey won the republican nomination for governor in a landslide victory, with just...

Steve Flowers: BP oil spill money, a missed opportunity for Alabama’s...

We have unbelievable natural resources in Alabama starting with the Tennessee Valley and transcending to the beautiful white sands at Gulf Shores. Many of...

Kay Ivey: Alabama’s longstanding partnership with Israel

Alabama has a long history of strong support for the State of Israel. Alabama lead the nation as the first state to officially call...

Alabama pols react to former Chief Justice Perry Hooper’s passing

Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Perry Hooper, Sr. died on Monday at the age of 91. Hooper's passing leaft a void in the hearts...

Legislators remain guinea pigs for “budget isolation”

I’ll admit it: Not only did I fall for Kyle Whitmire’s click bait headline “The column in which I describe myself naked to get you to read...



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