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Businesses ask Supreme Court to take gay rights case

Some of America's most well-known companies are urging the Supreme Court to rule that a federal employment discrimination law prohibits discrimination based on a...

Gay rights group launches $26M campaign ahead of midterms

The Human Rights Campaign, one of the nation's leading gay rights groups, is launching a $26 million political organizing effort ahead of next year's...

No LGBTQ category included in Census proposal for 2020 count

The U.S. Census Bureau is not proposing a separate count of LGBTQ Americans for its 2020 Census. The category had been sought by gay rights...

Gay rights looms as hurdle to passing defense policy bill

Congressional Republicans and Democrats will have to bridge a vast cultural divide over an issue that has nothing to do with bullets and bombs...

Panel sends Alabama chief justice’s ethics case to trial

A state judicial panel on Monday refused to dismiss an ethics complaint against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, saying that Moore will go to...

Barack Obama to name Stonewall Inn first-ever national monument for gay...

New York's iconic Stonewall Inn, where the modern gay rights movement took root, will become the first national monument honoring the history of gays...

Supreme Court blocks Alabama court order in lesbian adoption case

The United States Supreme Court on Monday sided with a lesbian mother who wants to see her adopted children, blocking, at least temporarily, an...

Gay couples wed in once-reluctant Alabama county

The federal judge who overturned Alabama's gay-marriage ban ordered a reluctant county to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, signaling to probate judges...



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