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Nikki Haley faces ‘high-wire act’ in 2024 bid against Donald Trump

Few have navigated the turbulent politics of the Trump era like Nikki Haley. In early 2016, the then-South Carolina governor...

Past U.S. presidents, VPs asked to recheck for classified docs

The National Archives has asked former U.S. presidents and vice presidents to recheck their personal records for any classified documents following the...

Nathaniel Ledbetter announces a second round of House committee chairs

State Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter announced his second round of committee chairs on Monday. Ledbetter is the Alabama House Republican Caucus choice to be the next Speaker...

Nancy Pelosi to step aside from Dem leadership, remain in Congress

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she will not seek a leadership position in the new Congress, making way for a new generation...

Voters in some key swing states to decide on voting access

All but lost in the shadow of major contests for U.S. Senate and governor, voters in some battleground states will be deciding...

Joe Guzzardi: Hispanic voters trending red

For the last several presidential election cycles, media messaging has been consistent: candidates who capture the Hispanic vote will win. The suggestion,...

Revival sought for pastor’s lawsuit over COVID restrictions

An outspoken Christian conservative attorney from Alabama has asked a federal appeals court to revive a Louisiana pastor’s damage claims against state officials over...

GOP targets for Dem bill: Inflation, taxes, Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema

Republicans see inflation, taxes, and immigration as Democratic weak spots worth attacking, and two opposition senators as prime targets in the upcoming...

Alabama GOP voters decide secretary of state, other nominees

Republican voters in Alabama will decide their party’s nominees in four statewide races Tuesday after campaigns in which many of the candidates...

Offices including secretary of state contested in Alabama

The campaigns for U.S. Senate and governor have gotten the most attention leading up to Tuesday’s primary in Alabama, but five other...



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