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Steve Flowers: George Wallace, political genius and legislative master

As the Regular Legislative Session evolves, I recall years past when George Wallace was governor. George Wallace was definitely a political genius...

Steve Flowers: Birmingham’s political inside man

Historically, political power in the state has rested in the rural counties. Birmingham has been the home of the “Big Mules,” where...

Steve Flowers: Doug Jones annihilation reaffirms mantra that winning the Republican...

The defeat of Democrat Doug Jones in our United States Senate Seat is easy to explain.  It is a Republican seat.  Alabama...

Steve Flowers: Jim Martin father of modern Republican Party in Alabama

Three years ago, Jim Martin passed away in Gadsden at 99 years old.  His beloved wife of 60 years, Pat, was by...

Will Sellers: In defense of the Electoral College

This article originally appeared in City Journal. I came of age politically with the 1968 presidential election. Alabama governor George Wallace was running...

Kay Ivey apologizes to ’63 church bombing survivor

KIvey said the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church caused “untold pain and suffering” through the decades to the victims and their families.

1963 church bombing survivor seeks apology, restitution

A law firm working for free on Rudolph’s behalf sent a letter to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey arguing that the words of state leaders, including Gov. George Wallace, at the time encouraged the racial violence that led to one of the most infamous acts of the civil rights era.

Inside the Statehouse: Labor Day

"The most legendary political Labor Day Barbeques have been held in the Northwest corner of the state."

Nick Saban, Alabama players hold protest march on campus

The group marched the short distance Monday on the school’s campus from the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility to Foster Auditorium.

Inside the Statehouse: How has coronavirus affected Alabama politics?

Steve Flowers has a thing or two to say about Will Ainsworth's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.



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