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Terri Sewell commemorates the 59th Anniversary of the bombing of the 16th...

Thursday was the 59th anniversary of the bombing of the 16 Street Baptist Church in Birmingham that killed four little girls during the height of the Civil Rights Movement....

Hearing on voting machine lawsuit is today

A judge will hear a motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the use of vote counting machines today in Montgomery at 9:00...

Steve Flowers: Legendary Alabamians

The longer I continue to write about Alabama politics, the more I realize that Alabama really is a “Big Front Porch” –...

Steve Flowers: Jim Oakley

A legend in Alabama newspaper, educational, and political lore, Jim Oakley of Centreville, turned 87 last month. Jim is...

Steve Flowers: Big Jim Folsom’s show in 1962 governor’s race

The 1962 Governor’s Race was between George Wallace, James “Big Jim” Folsom, and newcomer Ryan DeGraffenreid, a state senator from Tuscaloosa. Television...

Steve Flowers: 1962 governor’s race

It is hard to believe it has been 60 years since George Wallace’s first victorious race for governor. Let’s go down memory...

Steve Flowers: Bill Baxley

The 1970 Governor’s Race between George Wallace and Albert Brewer overshadowed every other political race in the state that year. However, one...

Will Sellers: Saint Hannah and her sinner son

The summer of 1974 in Washington DC was a political bullfight; there was one bull, but a host of matadors, picadors, and...

Steve Flowers: TV still drives the vote

After the 1960 John F. Kennedy vs. Richard Nixon classic presidential contest, television became the medium for political campaigns.

Steve Flowers: We miss Shorty Price

The governor’s races of bygone years were a lot more fun and colorful than today. We would have 10 to 15 candidates....



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