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Viewer’s Guide: GOP debate about Donald Trump vs. everyone else

And then there were four. Ben Carson's departure from the GOP presidential race means the quartet of remaining Republicans on the debate stage Thursday night...

Google to launch “candidate cards” feature during Thursday GOP debate

Google is testing a new feature that provides users with unique content from presidential campaigns. As reported by USA TODAY, Google launches “candidate cards” Thursday,...

Fox announces date, team for Iowa debate

Fox News Channel says it will host the seventh Republican presidential debate, taking place next month in Des Moines, Iowa, ahead of that state's...

Jeb Bush says Donald Trump ‘doesn’t have a plan’

Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says frontrunner Donald Trump didn't come off as a strong leader on national security issues during...

For Ben Carson, debates have played limited role in his rise

For some Republican presidential candidates, the party's first three primary debates have been pivotal proving grounds that have strengthened their campaigns or shaken their...

No whining: Chris Christie shrugs off boot from debate main stage

Chris Christie just can't catch a break. In the middle of what had been shaping up to be among the best weeks of his campaign...

After dismal debate, Jeb Bush seeks ways to steady campaign

Jeb Bush emerged from the third Republican debate as a candidate in crisis, with supporters struggling to understand why he keeps underperforming and advisers...



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