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Legislature approves Kay Ivey plan for $1.8 billion COVID relief cash

Legislative leaders will get advance notice of large expenditures but have no power to stop it.

Del Marsh: New statehouse with COVID cash should be discussed

Marsh said the Statehouse construction idea isn’t a priority but could be discussed if funds are left over.

Inside the Statehouse: Budget is priority number one for legislative session

Steve Flowers discusses the unique ongoing legislative session and lists a who's who in our budgetary process.

Lottery, casino bills filed in Alabama but outlook unclear

The bill is expected to get heavy pushback from lawmakers whose districts include dog tracks.

Proposed lottery bill would fund pre-K, college scholarships

Last year the Legislative Service Agency estimated a paper lottery would produce $166.7 million annually.

New marriage forms and process starts week

Alabama will require new forms— and a new process — for getting married beginning next week. The Alabama Department of Public Health issued...

Contract related to execution won’t be released

The Alabama attorney general’s office says it will not release to the news media a copy of a contract related to death...

Bill to get the state out of the marriage business heads...

After some conservative Alabama probate judges stopped issuing marriage licenses over the issue of same-sex marriage, state lawmakers have come up with...

Alabama lottery bill passes Senate

If you've ever heard of the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed: Try, try, try again,” then you have a basic...

Greg Albritton: Protect the sanctity of marriage from government intrusion

Like most Alabamians, I believe that God established the institution of marriage for the benefit of mankind. Indeed, His purpose was to begin the...



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