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Bipartisan ‘red flag’ gun laws plan has support in congress

Despite frequent mass shootings, Congress has proved to be unable to pass substantial gun violence legislation, largely because of resistance from Republicans. But...

Luther Strange reviews complaints over ‘no guns allowed’ signs in Tuscaloosa,...

Signs banning guns at various locations across the state have been removed following a series of complaints concerning possible unlawful prohibitions of firearms in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham...

Bob Sparks: Praying for victims and for solutions going forward

On Nov.13, Islamic radical terrorists killed 130 innocent people in Paris. The world mourned with the French and offered thoughts and prayers. Some of...

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton display the political divide over gun control

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush and other Republicans declared their opposition to stiffer gun laws Friday in the aftermath of the Oregon college mass shooting,...

State gun laws fix take effect this week

A slew of new laws restricting access to guns for mentally ill Alabamians took effect on Tuesday. Residents convicted of any state designated "crime of...

Alabama newspapers editorial roundup

Tuesday: The Anniston Star on being caught up in the crossfire of health care law opposition: Todd Gardenhire and Luis Lang aren't household names, but their...



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