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Key takeaways from Democratic presidential debate in Iowa

There were several notable moments in the debate.

Bernie Sanders didn’t think woman could win Presidency, Elizabeth Warren says

The statement drew a swift and strong denial from Bernie Sanders.

Elusive Quest for Momentum is On as Democrats Dash to Iowa

No candidate is a clear leader as the Iowa caucuses draw near.

2020 Watch: Messy primary finally meets election year

The presidential politics calendar turned to 2020 nearly a year ago. This week, the actual date catches up. What we’re watching as...

Iowa swung fiercely to Donald Trump. Will it swing back...

Few states have changed politically with the head-snapping speed of Iowa. Heading into 2020, the question is whether it's going to change...

Bradley Byrne: Answering the call – fighting a phony impeachment

This year Democrats finally did what they have wanted to do since November 2016 – move to impeach President Donald Trump. This...

Bradley Byrne: The facts about Ukraine

With all the allegations being made against President Donald Trump, it’s important to examine some background and facts. First, let’s talk about what...

Democrats push candidates to fully commit to 2020 nominee

The Democratic National Committee is increasing pressure on its presidential candidates to commit to campaign actively for the party's nominee in 2020,...

38 people cited for violations in Hillary Clinton email probe

The State Department has completed its internal investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of private email and found violations...

FBI chief: No evidence of illegal spying on Donald Trump campaign

WASHINGTON (AP) — FBI Director Chris Wray said Tuesday that he does not consider court-approved FBI surveillance to be "spying" and said...
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