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Martha Roby: New Farm Bill gains momentum

I am proud to share some exciting news for Alabama’s farmers: The House Agriculture Committee has approved the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018,...

Mike Rogers: Helping East Alabama’s farmers

As Alabama’s only member on the House Agriculture Committee, I take my role in protecting our farmer’s best interests very seriously. Alabama’s agricultural industry has...

House GOP eyes food stamp overhaul, requirements

House Republicans are laying the groundwork for a fresh effort to overhaul the food stamp program during Donald Trump's presidency, with the possibility of...

Mike Rogers: Agriculture and East Alabama

As most folks across East Alabama know, the agriculture industry is a money maker and job creator in our state. The agriculture industry boasts...

Mike Rogers: EPA oversteps, harms East Alabama jobs

As most of you across East Alabama know, I have always been a critic of big government. I think the bigger the Federal government...

Martha Roby: Standing up for agriculture 

I consider it an honor to serve a district in which agriculture is the largest employer, accounting for more than 93,000 jobs and an...



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